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Founded in 2007, UserZoom is a UX research and analysis international leader, collaborating with some of the most known companies in the Planet, names like Lenovo, Adobe, Facebook, Intel and Ryanair, testing their website’s and apps usability, helping them better their UX and, consequently, their economical successes.

We became an irreplaceable partner for Userzoom, on a win-win synergy, benefiting from their prestige and their knowledge, which is by excellence, an international reference in UX&UI.

We started in 2017 by producing graphic material and web advertising for UserZoom.

In 2018 the company went through a re-branding process and had our help in activating their new brand.

We executed diverse artwork, from professional business cards to events material.



Design for Web & Mobile

Joining design and marketing, we were a bridge between their development and marketing teams, designing mockups, iconographies, specification reports and even offered some support on their new website’s UX&UI.

Editorial & Advertising

They also called us to create duzen of their digital documents: ebooks, brochures, guides, reports, among many others.